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The Castlewood Senior Living Recognizes National Food Bank Day


To recognize National Food Bank Day on September 2nd, The Castlewood Senior Living will be participating in a canned food drive with a goal of bringing awareness to those that go hungry. As the Culinary Director, I am honored to be a part of this important day, held annually on the first Friday in September.

John van Hengel is credited with starting the first food bank in 1967 to redistribute food and prevent the wastage of groceries by handing it out to the poor and hungry. National Food Bank Day is not only a reminder that no one should go to bed hungry, but also a day to honor those workers, volunteers, and food bank charities who work to distribute food year-around.


The food bank we are donating to is Least of These Food Pantry. I chose this location because it provides services right here in our community, for the people who need it most.


We will be working to collect and donate off their current needs list which includes chicken broth, canned vegetables, saltine crackers, fresh produce, toilet paper, and laundry detergent. I feel it is important to donate to our local food banks because without support from our community food banks could not provide food to the people who really need it.


I believe people with healthy eating habits are at a lower risk for serious health problems, such as diabetes or heart disease. Having good nutrition can help manage or prevent these conditions. I see so often that making healthy choices can be a lot less affordable than eating junk. Having been a single parent for many years myself, I understand how this service to our community can help assure that everyone can thrive and make good choices. It is a huge deal.


In the US alone, about 42 million people struggle with food insecurity. Our team is hopeful we can make a positive impact on those numbers by supporting for our local food banks in honor of National Food Bank Day. We will be delivering our non-perishable items on September 2nd and look forward to sharing with you all what a difference we all can make when we give a little.