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Memory Care

The Memory Care cottage is designed for the safety and comfort of cognitively impaired residents. Walk-in showers, height-appropriate fixtures such as toilets and sinks, and locking cabinets protect residents from harm.

The commons area will feature an open design, including dining room and living room, and will feature Life Stations, which will allow for purposeful wandering. Each Life Station is designed to engage through triggering memories of tasks ingrained throughout their life. For instance, Life Stations include an infant nursery for care and nurturing, wardrobe to promote grooming habits, and work station for a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Between the two Memory Care hallways, an enclosed courtyard provides fresh air and interaction with the outdoors without risk of elopement. The courtyard is adorned with attractively designed raised planters that guide the walkways and allow for residents to interact with the plantings and green space.

A wellness station will provide a hub for care partners and nurses to conduct care updates and paperwork. Residents who need a calm, soothing atmosphere can sit in the quiet sitting room. There will also be a small salon so residents can receive one-on-one special attention in a familiar environment.

The whirlpool/spa room provides ease of bathing for residents with physical disabilities and helps with circulation. Residents whose dementia has created a fear of water often find the spa a less alarming place than a shower, greatly easing their anxiety and the time a care partner must spend in providing a bath.

Technology from other Missouri companies, SmartCare and Foresite, will be installed to provide passive monitoring of adverse events such as falls, changes in sleeping behaviors, appliances left on, and presence of water on the floor. Such investment in proactive monitoring will equip all residents and their loved ones to be as proactive as they choose to be about monitoring their care.

Floor Plans

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